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OE4496NW, OE4496W, OE9013NW, EV4090NW, EV4090W, EV4286NW, EV4286W, EV4496NW, EV4496W, EV6390NW, EV7010NW, EV8011NW, EV9013NW, EV1015NW, IS4286NW, IS6390NW, IS9063NW, OP8642NW, OP8642W, OP6344NW, OP6344W


114mm x 248mm, 229mm x 324mm, 102mm x 229mm, 110mm x 220mm (Fit DL Size), 114mm x 248mm, 162mm x 229mm (Fit A5 Size), 178mm x 254mm, 204mm x 280mm, 229mm x 324mm, 254mm x 381mm, 269mm x 162mm (FIt A5 Size), 220m x 110mm (Fit DL Size), 162mm x 114mm (Fit A6 Size)

Envelope Type

"Simili" (100gsm)+ Peel & Seal, "Simili" (100gsm)+ Peel & Seal White+Window Patching, "Winpaq" (100gsm) + Peel & Seal + Blue Security Line + Security Slit, "Winpaq" (100gsm) + Peel & Seal + Blue Security Line + Security Slit + Window, "Winpaq" (100gsm) + Peel & Seal + Blue Security Line, Peel & Seal, "Captain" (100gsm) + Peel & Seal + Blue Security Line, White 100gsm, White 100gsm + Peel & Seal, "Winpaq" (100gsm) + Peel & Seal + Blue Security Line + Window

Print Colours

1C (Front), 1C (Both), 1C (Front)/2C (Back), 1C (Front)/4C (Back), 2C (Front), 2C (Front)/1C (Back), 2C (Both), 2C (Front)/4C (Back), 4C (Front), 4C (Front)/1C (Back), 4C (Front)/2C (Back), 4C (Both)

Quantity (pcs)

500, 1000, 1500, 2000, 2500, 3000, 3500, 4000, 4500, 5000, 5500, 6000, 6500, 7000, 7500, 8000, 8500, 9000, 9500, 10000, 15000, 20000, 30000, Other

Other Finishing


Product Price (RM)

0, West M'sia, East M'sia, Appointed Courier (Free Shipping), GDex (Fee applies)

Process Day(s)

1 day(s) for orders placed before 6pm (Monday – Friday).

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